Silent Revenants

"These seven talents will draw you in with each musical exploration they undertake. The music we hear can be brooding at times, but will ultimately take you above the clouds to see the clear progressive blue-hued horizon of orchestral movements - at times, this is breathtaking!" - Bruce E.J. Atkinson, Fireworks Rock and Metal Magazine (Issue 83)

"Walk With Fire" zeigt [...] eine deutliche Weiterentwicklung der Silent Revenants auf, die mit ausgefeiltem Songwriting und komplexesten Arrangements, auf ihrem Debüt massig punkten kann. Trotz aller Reife bleiben Verspieltheit, Unbekümmertheit und die Lust am Musizieren dabei nie auf der Strecke, so dass weiterhin richtig gut hörbare, melodiöse und einprägsame Songs herauskommen, die auch nach zigfachen Durchgängen nie langweilig werden." Andreas Gey, Crossfire Metal Webzine , Wertung: 9 von 10 Punkten

"An overwhelming success, the album now exists and is available to the masses, so well done band and fans, as this is a release that deserves to be heard.“ - Adrian Hextall, Powerplay Rock and Metal Magazine, 7 of 9 Powerpoints (Issue 209) "... with such advanced music and a formidable presence of performance, Silent Revenants should be silent no more! We will certainly hear more from this seven-piece act, but in the meantime, let´s go forth and 'Walk With Fire'!" - Bruce E.J. Atkinson, Fireworks Rock and Metal Magazine (Issue 83)

"Gerade hier beweisen Silent Revenants ein tolles Gefühl für Melodien und klasse Arrangements, die sich hier im Wechsel der symphonischen Elemente, unterstützt durch akustische Gitarren und dem hier so zarten Mikro mit kräftigen, ja gewaltig und höchst pompös daher kommenden Soundmonstern zeigen." - Andreas Gey, CrossfireMetal Webzine

"Fans of bands like Nightwish, Metallica or Epica are identified as 'you may also like this' but to be honest, any metal fan will enjoy this. The band could sit on any festivals bill around the world and find a receptive audience " - Adrian Hextall, Powerplay Rock and Metal Magazine, 7 of 9 Powerpoints (Issue 209)

Silent Revenants are a seven-headed melodic metal band with various musical influences.

The band plays melodic and handmade symphonic metal which attracts with extraordinary instruments. The Silent Revenants are mixing several styles of metal and add orchestral parts as well as folk elements. The band was founded in 2012. First of all it was five-headed and very typical metal/rock line up. At the foundation was clear where the musical journey should go: orchestral melodies should meet crunchy guitars, groovy drums and a unique and powerful voice.

All band members brought extensive musical experience into the project. So the first songs were written quickly.

After the first studio recording (an EP called 'Every Dream') and several successful gigs Julian (guitars, songwriting and composing) decided to expand their musical possibilities. So Celina with her violin joined the band and defined and enriched the sound of the band. After a few personal changes and some short breaks Jannik finally joined the band and brought the unique and mind blowing sound of a great highland pipe and some Irish whistles into the songs of Silent Revenants. The band played further gigs and got an overwhelming positive feedback.

At the end of 2016 the band decided to start a crowdfunding campaign to fund their first album. The campaign was a complete success and the band started to record their first Album 'Walk with Fire' which is currently available on digital platforms and as CD. After that they played on several local festivals and clubs. Furthermore they supported The “Fields of the Nephilim” on their only German club concert. Since 2019 Elora Dönnebrink plays the violin for Silent Revenants.

The "Silent Revenants" were indeed inspired from bands like Nightwish, Metallica, or Epica but they very quickly found and perfected their own, completely new and innovative sound. There was a mixture of hard as well as "groovy" drums, driving guitars and orchestral arrangements and folk elements. Add to that the powerful voice of a singer and the recipe for a completely new rock / metal was finished.

This is the (still) quite short but remarkable history of "Silent Revenants"


Uwe Schlahn


Julian Kirschbaum

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